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Friday, May 7, 2010


and better than ever!
This big ol' pig is back from the finishers, made into a lovely bench and boy oh boy is he gorgeous!

When I first saw Nancy stitching this beautiful rug I admit that I got a little excited as I have a special affinity for pigs, one pig in particular. When she said that she had yet to give him a name I jumped at the chance to volunteer a very fine name from a very good pig.

When I was a little girl, my parents had a small sheep farm and they got a little piglet named Maynard. As I said before, Maynard was a good pig- you have no idea what a good pig. We raised him, my older brother and I, we loved him and he saved my life. Yup, the pig saved my life. I was about three years old when my folks were taking care of the sheep and I got caught in the wrong place when the sheep got spooked. If you know sheep you know that if one sheep goes off they all do and they move in a powerful herd. I was in the way of that herd and my parents were on the other side. To put it lightly, I was doomed. Enter Maynard the pig, who ran to me as fast as he could, tucked his head under my legs and stood up. Maynard then ran me out of the herd with me riding him... FACING BACKWARDS!

That's one good pig and a great namesake for this stunning piece. Just seeing it makes me smile.

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shari g. said...

That's "some pig!".